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Additional Pool Services

Drain & Clean

Pool Draining & Cleaning

Sometimes your pool needs more than just a weekly cleaning due to extreme weather conditions or non-usage. Our team will drain the pool completely then pressure wash it. After we complete this step, we acid wash the pool. The final step is to refill the swimming pool, then chemically balance the water. All that is left to do is relax and enjoy your sparkling clean swimming pool!

Pool Replastering

Swimming Pool Replaster

When your swimming pool is more than 10 years old, often loses water, or your pool interior doesn’t have the same new look it once had, it may be time to think about replastering your pool. Lone Star Pool Services offers pool replastering services to make your existing pool look new again. Our experienced technicians remove the existing plaster, then apply the new plaster. Contact us today for more information.

Pool Repair

Pool Repair Service

As a warranty station for Hayward Pool Products, Lone Star Services can repair or replace any of your Hayward pool equipment. From replacing pool heaters, installing LED lights, installing a new salt system, to updating to a new fully-automated swimming pool and spa with Hayward Omni-Logic, we can help you with all of your pool and equipment repair needs.

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